First post, Why? Who? What??

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So this is my first post! I am not exactly the blogger type so firstly let me explain how i got here… I started my Youtube channel New Yorkshire Workshop just under a year ago to share some of the interesting things I make in my woodworking shop, sometimes for customers and sometimes for myself. Owing to recent success I am getting more and more questions about the projects I show and it is getting increasingly difficult to answer them all with the detail they deserve.

Layered plywood basin

These questions have served to highlight the deficiencies in my video format, which focuses on showing rather than telling what I am doing. I do not talk in my videos but rely on the visuals of the video and some brief captions to describe some of the more important and less obvious parts of a process. Unfortunately this leaves what some viewers consider necessary information left out in the interest of being concise and to the point.

So the main idea behind this blog is to provide supplemental information on some of the videos I post. This might include a better description of the project, possibly with some back story where appropriate, why I made it and some of the decisions i made as well as more details of the materials I have used, tools used etc. even sets of plans to reproduce my projects where appropriate. I also think an FAQ would be very useful and this would be directed by the questions asked in the comments of each video.

I would also like to use this blog to share other projects which do not seem video worthy or where filming a project might be impractical or the subject falls out of the intended scope of the channel. This will inevitably cover parts of my 1860’s Victorian house renovation and all the good fun and challenges that comes along with that! I hope you enjoy the content I post here and leave a comment with any questions or suggestions.

Victorian house
Victorian house



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